My name is Brian Asselin and I am a songwriter/saxophonist/arranger living in Ottawa, Canada. I write music that can be found in the Pop with a cross-over to R&B/Soul. I have been hugely influenced by Motown as I used to play with The Funk Brothers out of Detroit. 

The world around me has always been my biggest muse when it comes to songwriting. I take situations in my life or the life of my friends and family and try my best to come up with the best soundtrack. My songwriting career started back in 2010 after graduating from teachers college. After my stint at the University of Ottawa, I co-wrote a song with a fantastic musician and friend - Eric Disero. The song 'You Have Made A Difference' has been played and performed around the world and has been featured on Diane Sawyers Late Night News. Since then I have been very busy writing enough material to release on my first EP which you can purchase through iTunes or this website. The songs I tend to write are more or less in the pop music genre influenced by such great artists as James Taylor, Bruno Mars, Cee-Lo Green, and so many others. In 2013 I released a project entitled Delbert & The Commotions featuring Funk Brothers frontman Delbert Nelson. The album is a throwback to Motown and I am proud to say that two tunes from the album were placed on shows on HBO as well as ABC. 

I am currently working on my third album with Commotions album featuring Rebecca Noelle, and Jeff Rogers which should be out this spring - please sign up for my newsletter for more information.